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Hermes Oval Platter, medium model, Carnets d’Equateur

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As well as their signature fashion and accessories recognized around the world, Hermés is known for translating their luxury aesthetic into homeware. recently, they presented their latest porcelain service ‘carnets d’ équateur ‘ in paris; an homage to wildlife artist and naturalist robert dallet and his longstanding collaboration with the french brand which began in 1985.

Exhibited in the heart of paris, the ground floor of studio des acacias was transformed into an amazonian jungle for only five hours before being dismantled. coupled with draping vines, mist and exotic plants, the jungle took five days to construct to specially unveil the carnets d’ équateur collection to invited guests. the array of small plates, tea sets and platters were carefully placed among the lush greenery for visitors to admire and appreciate. following a similar jungle aesthetic, the other levels were decorated paper illustrations of leaves which hung side by side off real vines descending from the walls. the exhibition was finished off with the entire collection displayed on a long table in a dinner setting.

The palette of teals and golds define the collection of extensive tableware ranging from butter to presentation plates, bowls, tea sets and vases. the meticulous detail of dallet’s sketches in charcoal, pencil, or ink wash, coloring in gauche and rendering in paint – have been carefully positioned onto the porcelain surface – dedicated to one of these techniques and together, brings the collection to life in a chromatic concordance.

Exotic animals mainly from central and south america have been featured. from a spider monkey balancing on a vines, to bounding leopards and colorful macaws. every blade of grass and detail of feather or fur have been translated onto the porcelain canvas to form a warm and cool composition.

The warm and cool tones allows the white to find a voice in subtly off-set compositions, while celadon – a symbolic hue linked to porcelain – simultaneously invokes strength and softness. a grey-green with a hint of blue blends with the muted freshness of foliage.

The gorgeous iconic porcelain collection is now available for purchase at SCOPELLITI 1887.

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