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Venini “Satin” Opalino Vase, small, tea 706.38

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Venini “Satin” Opalino Vase, small, red 706.38

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Venini Satin Opalino small Vase in Murano blown and hand-crafted red crystal glass. 1 pc – Ø 14 cm, h 30 cm (5,51"D - 11.81"H) Opalino Satin model is a review of the famous 1932 Vase for the Venini brand. Simple elegant form and new satin red crystal color for you. read more...
The new models of Opalino Satin originate from the experimentation of Velatura technique, in tonality of tea with golden reflections, mole-gray or warm red. The Opalino technique starts with the processing of the lattice, an opaque white glass, invented in Murano around the middle of the 15th century in order to imitate the first great porcelain in Europe. It is obtained by superimposing "glass" the glass with a glass or more thin, transparent and colored glasses, obtaining splendid objects with intense and bright colors.
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