Scultura Gatto Maneki Neko Oro Baccarat

Il celebre gatto portafortuna giapponese è ora impreziosito ed esaltato da finiture dorate. Questo colore, insieme alla zampa destra sollevata, è simbolo di fortuna e prosperità.


The feline creature with cartoonish features is seen beckoning with its right hand a gesture that is said to protect one’s fortune. This Baccarat Gold cat, or the Maneki-neko as it is called in Japanese, has a lot of careful detail. Baccarat’s painstaking techniquea are evident in the paws, the facial features, and the collar. Additional gilded flourishes are applied to the cat’s ears, eyes, mouth, and whiskers. This emblem of luck is a meticulously crafted piece that could draw good fortune directly into your home. The Lucky cat is also available in midnight crystal.

Rif.: 2612997
Altezza 10 cm

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